Even if you have limited range of motion, you can still receive the benefits of Chair Yoga, Chair Exercise or Weight Lifting Routines in the comfort of your own home

These routines have so many benefits and I want YOU to experience them with me!


Come do these routines with me where we will increase our heart rate, build endurance, increase our muscle strength, improve our bone density, burn calories and sweat out those toxins. 

Chair Yoga is a practice that builds strength, flexibility and improves your overall well-being

Yoga routines adapted especially for senior needs


I've created a variety of yoga videos to fit all your fitness needs. There will be chair yoga routines for seniors, yoga poses adapted for the workplace and a quick yoga routine when you're pressed for time. Doing yoga stretches will can help relieve stress, increase your productivity and improve your overall well-being.

Daily Nuggets to inspire, encourage & empower


We all need help dealing with stress, anxiety and fear. The true fact is, we all need some positive inspiration to keep moving forward. My Daily Inspirational Nuggets will inspire, encourage and empower you to look beyond your current circumstances.

Chair Exercise videos to transform your body, mind and soul


Chair exercises can be the answer for seniors who want to get fit but who worry about overdoing it or perhaps falling. These chair exercises will improve mobility by increasing blood flow, lubricating your joints allowing seniors to stay active safely.

Weight Lifting Routines Help Build Muscle Strength


Weight Lifting routines will help you develop strong bones, manage your weight and enhance your quality of life.  Strength training can also protect your joints from injury and building muscle contributes to better balance and may reduce your risk of falls.


On a mission to improve your balance, strength and flexibility


I've been practicing yoga for over 18 years. Throughout my teaching experience, I came to realize senior citizens needed a different approach to doing yoga and exercising. As we age, it becomes more difficult to get up and down from the mat.

In creating this membership site, I wanted to convey to each of you, it is possible to to gain endurance, strength and flexibility by doing these routines.

Remember it's all about taking action, believing in you and having the courage and commitment to follow through.


Don't let anything stop you from achieving your health and wellness goals

I've never did chair yoga

Everyone’s practice is personal. Yoga isn’t about doing handstands or placing your leg behind your head. Yoga can be as simple as sitting and trying to slow down your racing mind.

I'm not flexible

Flexibility is not a prerequisite for yoga, however, with a consistent practice you will become flexible and gain strength.

I'm not motivated

Pick the right kind of music and set short-term, attainable goals for yourself so you will quickly see results and success.

I don't have the endurance to do chair exercise

When you feel too tired to work out, the solution is to actually exercise. Begin with low to moderate intensity and then slowly build up until you can complete the entire video. Consistency always pays off.

I can't do yoga if I have pain or illness

Let your common sense and your doctor be your guides as to whether or not you are healthy enough to exercise. If you feel up to it, and your doctor has given you the okay to get moving, a gentle chair yoga class may be a great way to ease back into physical activity.

I can't stay focused on exercising

It’s important to stay concentrated on the exercise routine or task at hand. The key is to stop resisting thoughts and trying to make them go away. My tag line with every class is to: "Do Your Best and Forget the Rest". Just start! I guarantee it will change your mood.