YES, YOU can do Yoga! Even if you have limited range of motion you can still receive the benefits of yoga from the comfort of your own home.  We will build strength, flexibility and help reduce stress and anxiety.  Yoga has so many benefits and I want YOU to experience them with me! 

Now Chair Exercise is a practice where we will increase our heart rate, build endurance, burn calories and sweat out those toxins.

Remember to always "Do Your Best and Forget the Rest"  Are you ready to begin your Chair Yoga and Chair Exercixe practice? Click below and YOU can get started immediately! 



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Daily Inspirational Nuggets


What a great way to start your day!  We all need help dealing with stress, anxiety and fear. The true fact is, we all need some positive inspiration to keep moving forward. My Daily Inspirational Nuggets will inspire, encourage and empower you to look beyond your current circumstances.  I invite you to come along with me and feel the inspiration! 


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Chair Yoga Videos


I have created a variety of yoga videos to fit all your fitness needs.  There will be chair yoga routines for seniors, yoga poses adapted for the workplace and a quick yoga routine when you are pressed for time.  Doing yoga stretches will can help relieve stress, increase your productivity and improve your overall well-being.


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Chair Exercise Videos  

Chair exercises can be the answer for seniors who want to get fit but who worry about overdoing it or perhaps falling. These chair exercises will improve mobility by increasing blood flow, lubricating your joints allowing seniors to stay active safely. 

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Meet Cheri Schultz 

Hi I'm Cheri Schultz and I have been practicing yoga for over 15 years.  Throughout my teaching experience, I came to realize senior citizens needed a different approach to doing yoga and exercising.   As we age, it becomes more difficult to get up and down from the mat, plus our body changes and we don't need to be doing crazy aerobics.  These Chair Yoga and Chair Exercise routines are performed sitting in a chair.  However, you also have the opportunity to stand for some Chair Yoga poses, if you prefer.  

As a yoga instructor, my goal is to encourage and inspire you to be persistent and consistent with your Chair Yoga and Chair Exercise routines.  I want these exercises to be enjoyable, where you can press the pause button and take the self-care time you deserve and live YOUR best life.

My strong morals and core values have played an important role in my personal and professional growth. My goal is to have them resonate with your personal development, where you can gain strength, endurance, flexibility and help reduce your stress and anxiety. 


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 "Cheri is a great yoga instructor! Norma and I did this at our club house together but now because of Covid she is doing it on FB!! Join us. it's a good way to start yoga and stretch!!"

~Dolores, Senior Yogi


 "She is a great, positive person with a unique personality, always upbeat and a TERRIFIC yoga instructor"


~Sarah-Jim, Senior Yogi



 "Chair yoga with Cheri has given me an excellent way to be healthy both physically and mentally. Cheri is an excellent instructor and I look forward to each class. It's a class for anyone - no matter your level of fitness. My 90 year old mom also does the class and she loves it! Thanks Cheri for your commitment to health and happiness. I am so grateful to have found you."

​~Octavia, Senior Yogi


 "I met Cheri Schultz through another business associate a few years ago. Cheri and I were speakers at an event that honored senior citizens. Her passion is contagious and her ability to connect with people is amazing. I had no knowledge that she was also a yoga instructor. After her encouraging and motivation speech she then led them in chair yoga that blew my mind. To see the smiles and the way she interacted with all of them was something to witness. I can’t give a high enough recommendation for Cheri as a person and a true professional."

~Daniel, National Sales Director



 "Cheri provided me with the motivation to improve my lifestyle and attitude, but she also supplied me with tips and tools to implement.   After listening to Cheri's personal story, advice for overcoming obstacles, and how to adopt an optimistic mindset, I have made leaps towards a more healthy, balanced, and positive lifestyle."   

​​~Ariana, Sigma Kappa Alpha Mu Chapter